Jennifer McDaniel - My Story

I couldn’t focus with my left eye. Suddenly, I had trouble lifting the front part of my foot. And then came a sharp pain in my back and chest. While on a business trip in 2005, my body started to and kept telling me something was wrong.

After a visit to my primary care doctor then a neurologist for a spinal tap and an MRI of my brain, neck and spine, I finally got some answers. The MRI revealed lesions on my spine. The spinal tap results came back positive for eight oligoclonal bands. These results confirmed that I had Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My body’s immune system was attacking itself.

While I initially promised myself that this diagnosis wouldn’t change my life, it slowly has and continues to. Over the last 12 years, MS has stolen my ability to sustain my career, the independence that comes from being able to drive and so much more. Although there’s no cure for MS, I remain hopeful, active and feeling so very blessed.

First and foremost, blessed by the love and support of my family and friends and the unrelenting devotion and selflessness of Chris, my husband of 32 years and caretaker as my MS symptoms have intensified.

Second, by the hope I’m able to maintain because of people like you and everyone at Noble Drilling. Your commitment to finding a cure by fundraising for and riding in the MS 150 exceeds my wildest dreams. I want to say thank you and remind you how important what you’re doing is.

Since 1993, sixteen Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) have been developed. One of those DMDs, Tysabri, has minimized the frequency, intensity and duration of a MS relapse or an attack when my symptoms flare up. The research to develop drugs like Tysabri wouldn’t be possible without your fundraising.

You and Noble Drilling make this possible – my treatment, the research that gives me hope and the National MS Society’s incredibly critical role in the lives of MS families, including mine. It’s all made possible because of people like you and your ride. Your contribution has enriched and changed my life, so know you’re having the same life-changing impact on every other MS patient.

Because of your commitment, I have hope that the days without a cure for MS are numbered. Thank you for your ride and the difference you’re making.